Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Truly Exceptional Results

Whether you are looking for a soft brow to lift and enhance your natural features, want to add or define brow fronts or tails, or want to fill out sparse or over plucked areas. We can design a bespoke brow shape and custom blend a colour individual to you to enhance your natural features.

We also offer a complete brow reconstruction option that may be due to loss of hair from an illness or a condition such as alopecia. 

Permanent Eyeliner

The Difference You’re Looking For

We offer several options of permanent eyeliner which include, lash line enhancements, top eyeliner and bottom eyeliner. All of our permanent eyeliner options will be tailored to suit the look you wish to achieve. 

Permanent Lip Makeup

More Than Just Lip Service

This service is known for providing remarkable results. For a more youthful appearance we offer a range of colours and options specific to your needs. Whether you are young and looking for a full luscious look or are more mature and have lost lip definition we can help you.

We can also look to help those who have scaring or have other medical conditions that have impacted the lip area.