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I was always that person that wouldn't leave the house without make-up & after years of thinking about having permanent make up, I decide at the age of 54 to finally go for it. I've worn make-up from the age of 16 & alway would apply make-up everyday, it became a real chore. My eyebrows as I got older were very pale with thiner hairs on the inner parts, so I had to colour them in everyday. My lips were pale & got thinner with age, so I always wore lipstick & I've always worn eyeliner as it made my eyes more defined. After long thought I went to Paris Beauty which is a bespoke clinic within a residential area, located in Trowbridge & not in the middle of a busy town or high street as I felt more comfortable not having to walk through a populated area with no make-up on, the environment & staff were really lovely, they talked through all my options & made me feel comfortable & relaxed. I was worried as I have a really low pain threshold, but I must say, it was like a scratchy sensation, slightly uncomfortable, but they would do short bursts & keep stopping to make sure I was ok. My lips swelled slightly, but within a few hours had returned to normal. I wake up every morning now & don't have to apply make-up, only on special occasions I'll do the whole make-up routine. I keep looking in the mirror & can't believe how natural it looks & it makes me feel so much more confident. I no longer have the worry of it smudging, running or coming off if I'm swimming or on holiday. My only one really big regret is that I waited so long to get it done. I'd highly recommend it to anyone, & Paris Beauty was definitely the perfect place to go. 😃❤

Allison Holczimmer

Thank you Paris Beauty I decided to have permanent makeup on my eye brows, eye liner and lips. Initially a little nervous ; Larissa and I had a pre treatment consultation to decide exactly what my treatments would consist of and what my expectations were for my finished look. On arrival for my treatment, I was greeted by Larissa at the residential address , easy parking and she put me at ease straight away. The facilities are relaxing, very comfortable , hygienic and of a high professional standard. As a Registered Nurse myself, I was very impressed with the high standards & attention to detail in particular with health & hygiene, infection control, safety, knowledge & expertise. Larissa explained everything she was doing throughout the appointment, offered reassurance when I was feeling a little nervous and ensured my comfort during my treatments; her kind, caring and gentle approach was much appreciated. I was given written home care advice at the end of my appointment & a date when I will be returning in 6 weeks for a review and touch ups as necessary. Overall I would say this has been a most positive experience & I’m delighted with the outcome of the procedures I had done. I would highly recommend Paris Beauty to anyone who is considering having permanent makeup. Professional, high end quality products and knowledgeable expertise of procedures. Why not give Paris Beauty a call and have a consultation today.

Catherine de Visser

Do you want to be free of the daily chore of putting on your make-up? Then get in touch with Paris Beauty Permanent Makeup! I spend most of my workday sat in front of a computer and do tend the rub my eyes throughout the day; I’ve often noticed in zoom calls later in the day, that I have managed to rub off parts of my eyebrow pencil....not a great look! I recently had my eyebrows and lash line done and can honestly say that I am delighted with the results. I had my consultation with Larissa a week before my treatments; she was very knowledgeable, answering all my questions and allaying any worries I may have had. We agreed the treatments and tints that would complement my skin tone & hair colouring. Larissa also did some patch tests to ensure that I would have no adverse reaction to the products, although these are all pH balanced and natural pigments. Happily, I had no reaction. On the day of my treatment Larissa went through the treatment plan and checked that I was still happy with the colour choices. Larissa was very calming and professional, checking throughout that I was OK and explaining each stage as she did the treatments. I can honestly say that I felt no pain whatsoever, in fact I found it quite a relaxing experience. At the end of the treatment Larissa explained the aftercare and provided me with aftercare instructions & some ointment to help with healing; this worked perfectly, and I had no scabbing at all. The studio is in a separate annexe away from the residential property with its own access. Parking is not an issue as the driveway has plenty of space for clients. It was also nice not having to walk through a crowded shopping centre without my make-up on. The treatment room was spotless, more like a medical clinic than a beauty parlour, which was very reassuring. That said it was still a very relaxing environment. Larissa asked me if I would like some background music and checked if the room temperature was good for me; everything was done to make the experience as comfortable & relaxing as possible. I suffer with issues with my neck and Larissa was also able to provide me with a neck pillow for my comfort. I highly recommend Paris Beauty Permanent Makeup; go on treat yourself, you’ll be delighted with the results!

Anna Wall

Green Eyes and Makeup

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